NEW ANNOUNCEMENT:   Per Governor Murphy as of 12/30/20:

Indoor sports practices or competitions will be allowed resume Saturday, January 2nd, 2021.  They are not to exceed the 10-person limit – ONLY for individuals necessary, such as players, coaches, and referees. In most cases, where those necessary individuals exceed 10 people, spectators will not be permitted.  No spectators will be allowed to attend our games, practices, etc.- period. Coaches, refs, players only.

DSA Classes / Total Turf Soccer League / SJ Futsal League
COVID Protocol & Procedures
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U.S. Soccer Indoor Considerations for COVID-19
  •  Larger indoor facilities will be safer than smaller facilities
  • Risk Level based on size of facility
  • Indoor Turf Fields Building = 45,000 sq. ft = Low Risk
  • Indoor Futsal Court Building = 60,000 sq. ft = Low Risk

Indoor considerations need to be taken seriously when determining whether indoor sports should be played. Adjustments to regular activity mayneed to beimplementedin order to mitigate risk of COVID exposureof players, coaches and spectators.  These guidelines and best practices are intended for useWHEN AND IFyour local authorities have deemed it safe to return to the practice field.U.S. Soccer is in no way endorsing holding practices or games in violation of any federal, state or local mandates.


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DSA Leagues/Skills Program COVID-19 Refund Policy

Due to the uncertainty with COVID-19 pandemic, the DSA Legues / SJ Futsal League / DSA Skills Classes would like to provide its families with the following clarification and guidance of the upcoming winter season’s refund policy.

  • If your league / program is cancelled for any reason by the league before it begins, you will receive a full refund.
  • If the state/local governing bodies provide guidance to restrict the ability to conduct games / sessions due to COVID 19, resulting in the cancellation prior to the start of the season, all teams / players who are currently registered will receive a full refund for the cancelled games/sessions.
  • Prior to the 7 days of the start of the league / program, if a team / player withdraws from a registered program or requests a refund, a refund will be processed upon request less a minor processing fee.
  • In the event that the DSA League / SJ Futsal League / DSA Skills Class starts but are unable to finish due to one or more state/local governing bodies restricting the ability to conduct the sessions, we will offer a pro-rated refund less a minor processing fee to offset nonrefundable program costs.